Our Qualifications

Spotlight on Safety

In our industry, safety has become a buzzword that is discussed at daily briefings, seen on posters and banners, and is usually listed as a company goal or as part of a mission statement. Employees are reminded daily that a safer work environment is the ultimate goal. Yet, the ability of any company to provide safe working conditions ultimately becomes dependent upon the mentality, experience and training of the individual staff members who are performing a specific task, at a given location...at any hour of the day or night. Safety must become more than just a buzzword; it needs to become a way of life.

One measurement of a company's safety record is the Experience Modification Rate (EMR). This is an industry wide, standardized rating system that statistically measures a company's safety record, through analysis of work related incident and insurance data.

The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) states that an EMR lower than 1.00 is the result of fewer accidents and losses than the average for a particular industry. Although the EMR is an annual rating, a more comprehensive picture of a company's safety program may be obtained by performing a trend analysis and reviewing their EMR for multiple years.

As with other companies in the industry, Sunpro sets the goal of achieving and maintaining a good safety record. Where we separate ourselves, however, is our employees continued success in achieving these goals. The Sunpro team consistently maintains a good trend of very low EMR's below the industry standard.

In accordance with the Sunpro goal of Sustainable Continuous Improvement, Sunpro continues to make a strong commitment to safe working conditions, through a very aggressive safety refresher and training program. To properly prepare our staff for the broad range of services, Sunpro provides much more than the 8-hour minimum refresher training to meet the requirements of 29CFR1910.120.

Sunpro's curriculum addresses the standard environmental basics, plus a selection of other interesting topics, including "On Track Worker Protection", Electrical Safety in High Voltage Substations, Highway and Waterway Safety, and Chemical Fluids Transfer. The Sunpro Safety Program is really a team approach. We are fortunate in having a very qualified team of in-house experienced staff, which allows us the flexibility in providing a top-notch classroom curriculum combined with hand's on field exercises - a comprehensive approach to prepare our staff to work safety, efficiently and productively.

Insurance & Risk Management

Please note that Sunpro maintains Contractor Pollution Liability Insurance, the only insurance that does not have an exclusion for environmental type projects. Firms that do not have this insurance often do not realize that their General Liability insurance is not valid for environmental projects.

Additional insurance coverage includes:
  • Professional Environmental Liability Coverages (E & O).
  • Worker's compensation, occupational disease, employer's liability, disability benefit and other similar employee benefit insurance required under the laws of the state that apply to the work to be performed.
  • Commercial general liability insurance, including professional and contractual liability.
  • Comprehensive automobile liability and insurance protection for motor vehicles used by Sunpro either on or away from the site of services. Policy includes coverage for all owned and hired motor vehicles.
  • MC-90 Form as required by the 1980 Motor Carrier Act.
  • Railroad Insurance Coverage
  • A certificate of insurance coverage listing the Client as a certificate holder will be provided upon request and should be referenced for specific insurance limits and terms.

Sunpro places great emphasis on risk management, with our staff, subcontractors, and clients. A Health and Safety Plan is written for every project, which reiterates Sunpro and client standard procedures, plus addresses site-specific concerns, including security, chemical parameters of the product(s) being managed at the project site, communication, interaction with applicable agencies and departments, responsibilities and task duties, PPE, decontamination, topography, equipment, monitoring, sampling, and recordkeeping.

In excess of the annual 8-hour required training by OSHA, Sunpro provides quarterly training for operational staff and mutual aid teaming contractors.

Hi-Haz Transfer Equipment

Responding to customer requests for product transfers in the Midwest, Sunpro has added Hi-Haz transfer equipment and experienced transfer staff to perform a full spectrum of product transfers, ranging from liquid propane gas (LPG), anhydrous ammonia, chlorine gas, plus all classes of liquids.

The primary application for this specialty equipment, will be to conduct chemical transfers to and from highway tank trucks, railroad tank cars, and fixed facility chemical product tanks, including damaged tanks at those more challenging incident sites.

The Hi-Haz Transfer Unit, a 53-foot trailer, is self contained for field operations, and is equipped with a complete inventory of pumps, hoses, and fittings, including a Corken chlorine compressor operated by a hydraulic power pack driven by a Cummins four cylinder diesel engine, a Blackmer rotary vane pump and compressor also operated by the hydraulic power pack and a complete assortment of air operated pumps and specialty fittings.

Support equipment includes an on-board inventory of approximately 1000 feet of hose for a wide range of material compatibilities, including jacketed steam hoses for elevated temperature products. The trailer is also equipped with a pipe shop that enables on-site fabrication of pipe transfer systems varying in size from ¼ inch to 6 inches.

Additional equipment includes:
  • A high-pressure boring machine, which is capable of hot tapping both pipes and containers.
  • An assortment of non-sparking & air powered tools.
  • Leak and spill containment equipment including magnetic tank patches.
  • A complete complement of air monitoring instruments.
  • Radio communications system.
  • Wireless computer capabilities for on-line research and reference.
  • An extensive hard copy reference library.

Sunpro has experienced transfer teams that draw on professional backgrounds from throughout the emergency response, railroad, and chemical industries. Their experience is complimented by continuous training and drills that include both in-house exercises, as well as offsite facilities such as the Transportation Technology Center Inc. (TTCI) operated by the Bureau of Explosives in Pueblo, Colorado.